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"Serving In-house Legal Counsel to Ontario Municipalities"

About MLDAO:

The Municipal law Departments Association of Ontario was formed on January 1, 2002.  It is an amalgamation of the former Regional Solicitors Association of Ontario and the Area and Local Municipal Solicitors Association. The objects of the MLDAO are:

the exchange of information and advice on municipal issues;
the holding of meetings and seminars as a forum for sharing information and the education of
to advocate the reform of legislation to the benefit of municipalities; and
to participate in consultation with governments and other associations interested in matters affecting

The membership of the MLDAO consists of municipal law departments from throughout the Province of Ontario. The law departments themselves each vary in size from a single lawyer to many lawyers depending on the size and needs of the municipality.  Not every municipality in Ontario chooses to maintain an in-house legal department.   Sometimes private law firms are retained to provide all or most of the legal services required by a municipality.  However, private law firms are not eligible for membership in the MLDAO.

The MLDAO maintains affiliations with other municipal associations. Links can be found on this site to affiliated association websites, where they exist.  The MLDAO also maintains a close liaison with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Legal Branch.

The MLDAO meets in plenary session approximately 2 or 3 times per year and holds an annual conference once a year. Many of these meetings include content which may be used as hours for the Law Society of Ontario‚Äôs continuing professional development requirements.  These sessions and conferences are hosted by member law departments and are open only to members and invited guests.

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